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Since 2005, OMNI Healthcare had been committed to ensuring personal injury patients have access to quality healthcare, and medical providers can be compensated quickly and fairly for the care they provide. How? By purchasing patient medical liens and providing medical lien management for medical providers. This ensures patients get the care they deserve and medical care providers get paid for the services they render no matter the outcome of a personal injury settlement.

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OMNI Healthcare has aided over 80,000 personal injury patients and growing

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OMNI Healthcare has helped our healthcare partners provide over $300,000,000 in care to personal injury patients

Healthcare provider partners with OMNI Healthcare for medical lien management


OMNI Healthcare currently works with over 2,000 healthcare facilities nationwide with hundreds more added every year

Medical Providers

OMNI Healthcare is here to ensure that your facility is paid quickly for the care you provide to personal injury patients through a medical lien factoring model

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OMNI Healthcare aims to help you provide your clients with the care they need when they need it.

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OMNI Healthcare knows medical bills are costly, but we are here to help you get the treatment you deserve.

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Increase Cash Flow and
Grow your Business

If you are in need of immediate cash for your business, OMNI Healthcare will evaluate your existing lien portfolio and make you a cash offer to purchase your receivables. OMNI Healthcare can provide medical lien management on your behalf for your portfolio and collect funds for you once the case settles. Whether we purchase or service your receivables, you can be sure that OMNI Healthcare will not hinder your relationships with the attorneys that send you lien business. OMNI Healthcare has worked with over 40,000 attorneys and we’re sensitive to the nature of lien business. OMNI Healthcare can even help increase your referral business by helping you partner with other attorneys in our national database.

Partner with OMNI Healthcare
Texas Chiropractor

“I had become frustrated with waiting for my personal injury cases to settle, it took months and sometimes years. Then I discovered OMNI Healthcare, they offered a very fair offer for my backlog of cases and I received the funds in a week! I’ve been working with OMNI Healthcare ever since and they have helped my cash flow tremendously. Now as soon as I release a lien patient and send the paperwork to the attorney, I call OMNI Healthcare for an offer.”

GA MRI Center

“Our MRI centers were waiting up to 2 years for payment on legal case receivables and in many cases forced to take reductions. OMNI Healthcare increased our cash flow and reduced our receivable risk.”

Patient Care

If you are a personal injury victim without insurance or you lack the funds necessary to pay your insurance deductible, OMNI Healthcare can help. We can work with your healthcare provider to pay for your healthcare needs and collect the cost of your treatment from your attorney when your case settles. Through OMNI Healthcare, personal injury victims can receive the healthcare they deserve with or without health insurance and the medical providers who may have previously turned you away can be paid upfront for their treatment.

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